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2023 Sioux Falls Area Education Guide

Welcome to the 2023 ‘hood Education Guide. Learning starts at daycare, is enhanced at preschool, and continues through private school, lessons, and tutoring. Children and families in our community are fortunate to have many diverse educational opportunities to explore and grow in their learning.  



Creator's Kids

Creator’s Kids offers care for 6 weeks to 6 years. We provide more personalized care with lower ratios and smaller class sizes, healthier food options and family style meals, and broadened education through qualified teachers, all while being centered around Christian principles to help guide your little one through life! 



 At EmBe, your child’s social, emotional, and physical well-being is our greatest priority. Our comprehensive child development programs facilitate growth and development, through tailored classrooms and educational activities. We invite you to tour the EmBe childcare centers and learn more about our safe and caring environment for children. Call today!Page Break 




Our childcare programs facilitate each child’s social, physical, and intellectual development, setting them up for lifelong success. EmBe’s childcare centers offer a safe space for your children to grow. Whether you choose the traditional preschool curriculum, Spanish Immersion, or KinderCollege, EmBe will meet each student right where they're at.  


The Graham Academy Preschool  

Imagine a program developed for the whole child - using investigation and play to explore the areas of science, technology, engineering, art and math. Our curriculum stimulates confidence, creativity and encourages critical thinking skills through project-based investigations. We provide unique experiences at the Washington Pavilion to create a one-of-a-kind preschool experience. 


Apple Tree Learning Centers 

Our mission is to provide exceptional care, nurture, and age-appropriate learning opportunities in the context of a Christ-centered worldview. Our lesson plans are created following the SD Early Learning Guidelines and the Funshine curriculum, with preschool held throughout the day. Our tuition prices include wrap-around care for the entire day.  


Creator's Kids 

Creator’s Kids preschool program has small classes of up to 8 kids with 1 teacher. We rotate between 6 rooms themed after the seven days of creation to explore new toys and activities.  Our Experience curriculum provides hands on activities and ensures each child is more than ready for kindergarten! 


Kids 'R' Kids of Prairie Hills                 

At KRK, children are "Hugged First, Then Taught." Our proprietary, research-based Fast Track curriculum for preschool is nationally recognized by the National Association for Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and paired with our highly trained staff provides the perfect environment for your child to be successful, healthy, and happy.  

Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools 

The journey begins at Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools! Our preschool programs create a faith-filled, supportive and developmentally appropriate learning environment through structured activities, creative play and hands-on learning. For more reasons “WHY?” our students and parents of all faiths choose our schools, visit our website. Enrollment is open now!  


Trinity Lutheran Preschool 

Teachers will provide activities that are age-appropriate, and interest driven. Learning outcomes will enhance a child’s spiritual, social-emotional, physical and intellectual development. Our Mission is to establish a foundation of faith for children to build upon throughout their lifetime. 

Tues/Thurs 3/4-yr class 8:30 to 11:00 

 M/W/F Pre-K 8:30 to 11:30 


Peace Lutheran Preschool & Pre-K 

Peace Lutheran Preschool and Pre-K strives to provide a safe, loving, nurturing environment where children can learn, grow, explore, play, create and discover all that God's great big world has to offer them, all while creating a strong foundation for a lifelong love of learning.  


Blessed Redeemer Lutheran Preschool 

Blessed Redeemer Preschool, established in 1995, provides an environment of Christian love where preschool-aged children may experience the love and forgiveness of Christ, be taught basic skills and knowledge in preparation for kindergarten, and have the opportunity to grow socially and emotionally by applying the truths of the Christian faith. 


Discovery Learning Center 

Every child matters and every child learns differently, so we teach in various ways to boost their self-esteem. Discovery teaches with thematic units, hands-on experiences, and play. Each week we have a new theme in which we integrate math, language arts, science, social studies, and STEM making learning fun. Page Break 


Sioux Falls Lutheran School 

Established as a preschool in 1977, SFLS now serves over 425 children ranging in age from infancy through 12th grade. Our faculty and staff operate as a family and are committed to our mission of developing capable, Christian servant-leaders in a complex world who are world ready and faith secure.  


Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools 

At Bishop O’Gorman Catholic Schools, faith and education go hand-in-hand and character is developed through perseverance and service. For more reasons “WHY?” our students and parents of all faiths choose Bishop O'Gorman Catholic Schools, visit our website. Enrollment is open now! 


Mathnasium of Sioux Falls 

Mathnasium of Sioux Falls helps parents who care about their child’s success in math by creating a plan for their child that cultivates confidence, knowledge, & success.  


Parks and Recreation Activities Guide 

Can you handle all this FUN? Look at all the upcoming activities for April and May, get registered, and enjoy! For event details, visit 


Up Tempo Music Lessons 

Music lessons kids love! At Up Tempo Music Lessons, your child can learn guitar, piano, and drums. Watch them grow into confident musicians as they progress through this fun and results-driven program. Kids as young as four years old can start learning music and even perform in our one-of-a-kind concerts! 


BritZa Performing Arts Studio  

Come and join the fun at BritZa Performing Arts Studio! Our team of talented and enthusiastic instructors will help your child develop their artistic skills, confidence, and creativity. We offer a variety of programs teaching dance, theatre, and vocals. Class offerings range from 18 months to adults! 


Library Early Learning Resources  

Learning to read comes before reading to learn. No child should grow up without knowing how to read. Use Siouxland Libraries' learning resources to get your child reading and learning.  


Our Dakota Dreams  

When your student needs a little support, put down your pencil and pick up your laptop. Our Dakota Dreams offers online tutoring in math, science, English and social studies. It’s free, it’s simple, and it’s open to all K–12 students in South Dakota. No appointment needed.