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The Hood Magazine

About Us

Home of the 'Hood - More Than Just a Magazine!

The 'Hood is a resource magazine for local families who value spending time together. 'Hood is short for parent-hood, child-hood, mother-hood, father-hood, or even grandparent-hood — all the 'hoods for all the stages of family life, because, if you're in the 'hood, you play a role in family togetherness. The 'Hood Magazine draws on local people and organizations to provide a resource filled with practical ideas, information, and stories that advocate stronger families through togetherness. To promote unity and have some fun doing it, we've given a name to anyone who agrees with our mission. They're called 'HOODIES' and we encourage Hoodies to put 'togetherness' into practice and to share this simple idea with other families who can benefit it as well.

  Our hope is that Hoodies (anyone who values family togetherness) will grow in numbers and become a visible presence in the marketplace — calling out organizations, events, and businesses that are good for the family.

The ultimate goals of the 'Hood, our magazine, website and other resources can be found in the following vision, mission, and values:

  • VISION: Stronger families through togetherness
  • MISSION: Advocate local people and organizations that bring families together
  • VALUES: Simple! Credible! Resourceful!

So whether you're confident as a parent…or uncertain…or frustrated, you can be a Hoodie! And together, we'll make The 'Hood a great place to be!

Steff Liston-Holtrop
President & Publisher
Hoodlum Productions, LLC
[email protected]

Meet the Team

Steffanie Liston-Holtrop

President & Publisher

Steff Holtrop is the President and Publisher of ‘Hood Magazine. The idea of ‘Hood came about after continuous searching for activities to keep her niece and nephew occupied during their summer visits. ‘Hood was born in early 2010 with the intent of being the go-to family resource in the Sioux Empire. Steff has a degree in Business from the University of Sioux Falls. Before taking on the role of publisher, Steff worked as a marketing consultant. Steff enjoys cooking and spending her time with her two kids, husband and puppy!

Jessica Brovold 

Jessica Brovold is the Editor and Social Media Director at ‘Hood Magazine. Jessica joined the team in 2014 and has a background in journalism with a degree from South Dakota State University. She brings nearly 20 years of experience to ‘Hood with her background in freelance writing, news reporting and anchoring and marketing. Jessica stays busy with her four children. She enjoys working for 'Hood Magazine because it gives her a creative outlet to share great stories in the community. She also enjoys working with the other moms who make up the team and promoting all the wonderful family friendly events happening across the Sioux Empire!

Ally Vogel

Art & Design Director

Ally Vogel is the Art & Design Director for 'Hood Magazine. She enjoys all things art from painting and photography to live music and theatre. Ally graduated from the University of South Dakota and has worked in publishing and design for almost 20 years. Ally is a mom to Ella and Max and is busy chasing them around to sporting activities, school functions and 'Hood events. In her free time when she's not tickle-torturing her kids, she likes to travel, spend time with extended family and hunt down furniture bargains to redesign her home. 

Jaclyn Small

Digital Media Director/
Creative Events Director

Jaclyn is the Digital Media Director and Creative Events Director.  She enjoys keeping the website up to date and is always looking for new ways to keep the digital side of 'Hood exciting. She also enjoys getting creative, especially with her two little girls! The three of them always have a blast coming up with fun crafts to feature in each issue and out at special events. 

Rose Bickett

Copy Editor

Rose joined ‘Hood in the summer of 2018. As our “Copy Editor”, she takes care of our events calendar, posting hundreds of local events every issue! She also contributes with editing, proofing, and writing articles. As a part of the ‘Hood team, Rose enjoys being “in the know” about all the great events and resources in the Sioux Empire. She finds it exciting to offer her perspective and passion in the articles she contributes, and hopes it makes a difference. As a local mother of four young children and a full-time Midwifery School Student, life for Rose stays busy, if not crazy. She is an old soul and a “multipotentialite”— with a passion for many things that is ever growing and expanding: yoga, traveling, the arts, gardening, meditation, holistic living, mindfulness, nature, and causes in the humanitarian, social justice, and environmental realm, bring her great joy. She is always up for learning and an adventure, and The ‘Hood Magazine is just that to her.