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BoomLife- Finding Family Success

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507 Main Street
Jefferson, SD 57038

(605) 670-0192

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Founded 2013

Parents today are deeply concerned about how their children will navigate their way through the confusing and confounding distractions today’s culture throws at them. Parents who care want to be consistent, loving examples and to raise children who will make sound, rational values-driven decisions, be positively productive, and lead satisfying, happy lives. But, many feel frustrated and helpless because they don’t know what to do to create a family culture where their children will grow with their values intact.

BoomLife’s Finding Family Success Program provides workshops, tools, and content designed to educate parents and help them lead values-driven families. Rewards motivate. Punishments coerce. Values inspire! The GPS Theory methodology we apply in the Finding Family Success Program creates both confidence and conviction for parents through inspired thoughts and actions so they can be satisfied with their efforts and, in turn, create the family culture they really want.

-Workshops -One-on-One Coaching -Inspirational Speaking