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Thanksgiving Printable

Nov 18, 2023 ● By The Hood Magazine

As the season of Thanksgiving approaches, it's a wonderful time to pause, reflect, and express gratitude for the blessings in our lives. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily routines, taking a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the things we're thankful for can bring immense joy and perspective. 

This Thanksgiving printable provides space to list out a few things that we are thankful for this season!

Come Together as Family

Take the time this Thanksgiving to come together as a family and share what everyone is thankful for! Whether it's cherished relationships, personal achievements, moments of joy, acts of kindness, or simply the delicious meal in front of you, write it down! 

You can find our ‘hood Thanksgiving printable at the bottom of this post to download, free! 

The act of writing down what we are thankful for is not only a fun holiday activity but also helpful!  Studies have shown that regularly expressing thankfulness can lead to increased happiness, reduced stress levels, improved relationships, and a more positive outlook on life. Even more reasons to take the time to truly list what we are thankful for!

Keep it Up! 

Moreover, this printable also serves as a tangible reminder of the things that bring us joy! Place it on your refrigerator to look at during the rest of the holiday season. When things get stressful it’s a great reminder of our blessings.

This Thanksgiving, take a moment to download our printable, gather your thoughts, and jot down the things you're thankful for. 

Here at ‘hood Magazine we are so thankful for YOU! We hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving season!