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Dealing with Depression, Tips from Yellow Brick Road Therapy and Counseling

Nov 06, 2023 ● By Yellow Brick Road Counseling and Therapy

By: Holly Liston, Yellow Brick Road Therapy and Counseling  

Depression can basically be defined as an overwhelming feeling of sadness. Depression often occurs with life’s traumatic events including a loss, an accident or death. When depression happens and lasts over several months it becomes an issue. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand depression as it can present in various ways including difficult sleep, unusual or no appetite, low energy and motivation as well as loss of interest in activities and work. Negative thinking will also occur with depression that is called distorted thinking or errors in thinking. Some negative thoughts are “I am worthless”, “my future is bleak”, “nothing in my life is good”  and “I am up against the world”.  

When depression is associated with a traumatic event, I use Traumatic Incident Reduction to address the incident which improves mood and symptoms. You don’t have to live your life feeling low, sad and that something is always wrong. Seek out treatment through therapy and live a better life. Yes life can be better.