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Thanksgiving Leaf Banner

Nov 02, 2023 ● By The Hood Magazine

Thanksgiving brings to mind tables and tables full of tasty food! People think about time together as a family, football, and the coming Christmas season. All great things! But Thanksgiving deserves more of a prolonged celebration as well. 

It's a beautiful holiday to remind us of what we can be thankful for. With Thanksgiving leading us to Christmas, we all need the reminder of how much we have as we go into the season of wishing! If you have kiddos in your home, this might be an especially helpful time to remind them to be thankful before Christmas morning. 

This thankfulness banner is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving all month long! Plus, the added bonus of some festive decorations in your home.

How it Works

Pick a time each day (after dinner is a great option) to do your thankful leaf as a family. Have each person share one thing they were thankful for that day and write it down on your leaf. Once your leaf is filled out, tape or staple it to your banner! For an even easier option, you could tape it to your wall. 

How to Make

Cut out (or buy premade leaves here) leaves out of cardstock. You want something a bit thicker than standard printer paper. 

Make as many leaves as you need! Choose how many days you want. It could be the whole month of November, the full week before Thanksgiving, or even the time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas! Do whatever works well for your family. 

Hang a long piece (longer or shorter, depending on how many leaves you plan on adding) of ribbon or yarn to your mantel, window, or wall. Your banner is officially ready to have leaves added! It could not be more simple.

Celebrate the Good

It's surprising how much easier it is to notice what you are thankful for each day when it's on your mind! Daily seeing the banner reminds us of all the good in our lives. 

Being thankful on Thanksgiving can be easy with pumpkin pie and Turkey on your plate! Teaching our children to be thankful for a kind friend, good weather, a relaxing walk, or a second chance is an amazing opportunity. Let's celebrate truly being thankful all month long.