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7 Indoor Halloween Activities

Oct 27, 2023 ● By The Hood Magazine

Here in the Midwest, it's not always a guarantee that the weather on Halloween will be nice. The weather might be 65 and downright beautiful one year, while the next is a cold, snowy night. No matter the weather, you might have some kids that are pretty interested in trick-or-treating. But maybe not! If you are looking for fun Halloween activities perfect for those who want to stay indoors, we have the list for you!

Here are seven things to do this Halloween that are not Trick-Or-Treating:

1. Halloween Movie Night

Make it extra special with printed movie tickets and fake money to spend at the "concessions stand." Set up a candy buying station with a a ton of different kinds of candy and treats. Your family still gets a pick of all their favorite candy just from the comfort of their own home! 

2. Carve or paint pumpkins

Keep it simple, or if your family is competitive, add some zing to pumpkin carving with a little contest! 

3. Candy Scavenger Hunt 

Hide candy throughout the house for indoor candy fun! Hide it like easter eggs, or make it into a scavenger hunt! Come up with fun clues to get your kids thinking and running all over the house. Either hide a little bit of candy at each clue or leave it all for the end. Use your kiddo's favorite candy, and it is almost like trick-or-treating!

4. Game Night with candy prizes

Host a fun family game night with all the prizes being Halloween candy! Play bored games, card games, or make up silly challenges to see who can win the most candy. 

5. Costume Fashion Show

Staying at home is no reason not to wear a Halloween costume! Have fun with it by adding a fashion runway, silly music, and some flashing lights. Have your kids make up their own costumes with whatever you have around the house for some added creativity. 

6. Make Halloween Treats

Go all out with making your own Halloween treats! Whip up some popcorn, pumpkin bread, caramel apples, or decorated cookies. You could even make a Halloween dinner with things like mummy wrapped hot-dogs (hot dogs wrapped with crescent roll dough) or spaghetti brain with red sauce (simply red pasta and noodles!).

7. Throw a Party!

If the weather is making you change plans on Halloween, use it as a reason to throw a party! Invite friends to come to your house for Halloween fun inside. While getting candy is certainly a fun part of Halloween, spending time laughing with friends is even sweeter! 

Whatever you do, have fun!