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What To Do With All That Halloween Candy

Oct 24, 2023 ● By The Hood Magazine

As a parent, you might be wondering what to do with all that candy your kids collect in the month of October. Depending on how many Halloween events you go to or where you trick-or-treat, you may find yourself drowning in candy! Here are some ideas to help you make the most of it:

Donate It

Many charities and organizations accept candy donations. Look for local organizations that support children, hospitals, or troops overseas. This way, your kids can enjoy the fun of collecting candy, and you can teach them the value of giving back to their community.

Save it for Later

Halloween candy can last for several months if stored properly. Consider creating a candy jar or container where your kids can dip into their stash throughout the year. A candy stash can also help limit the amount of sugary sweets consumed all at once! 

Trade it in for Something Else

If you have too much candy, have your kiddos "trade" it in! You can create a "candy store" at home where they can exchange their candy for toys or experiences.

Use it in Baking

Halloween candy can be a fun addition in the kitchen! Use leftover candy in baked goods like cookies, brownies, and cakes. Get creative in the kitchen and have your kids help you make some delicious treats.

Bring it to Holiday Events

With so many get-togethers planned around the holidays, it's the perfect time to share! Bring a big bowl of Halloween candy to family Thanksgiving for everyone to enjoy. It can be surprising how satisfying it is for kids when they get to contribute to a meal, too! 

Most of all-Enjoy!

Using these ideas, you can make Halloween candy a fun and enjoyable experience for your kids while teaching them valuable lessons about sharing, moderation, and creativity.