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BOO Your Friends and Neighbors!

Oct 19, 2023 ● By The Hood Magazine

Send treats and not tricks to your neighbors and friends! Halloween is often all about what someone can get versus give. Switch that narrative around and use our free printable to spread some cheer this Halloween. Your kids will love this reverse prank, and so will the ones being BOOed!

You've Been BOOed! 

How do you BOO someone? By giving treats! Pack a fun little basket or bag full of treats your neighbors will love. Make your BOO bag Halloween themed, or switch it up with flowers and candy. Whatever you think the person you BOO will love. Don't worry about how much you give or what it is. Focus on the care and love going into the gift instead! 

Print off our free printable to add to your bag or basket! Find the free printable for download at the bottom of this article. On the printable, let them know your name or make it anonymous. 

Kids will love this next part, the secret drop-off! Try not to be seen as you drop off your BOO bag and reverse prank! Ring the bell and run away! 

Spread Joy

As parents, we all desire that our kiddos grow up to be those who purposely and spontaneously bless others. This is such a fun way to put that lesson into action! Have fun BOOing others and spreading Halloween fun! 

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Make sure to tag us if you get BOOed! Lets spread the joy!