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Simple Monster Craft

Oct 19, 2023 ● By The Hood Magazine

Looking for an easy and fun craft to make with your kiddos? This watercolor monster craft is perfect with Halloween just around the corner. Make your monster as silly or scary as you want! This simple artwork is easy to pull together for a fun activity. 

What You Need:



Paint Brush





To Make:

In the middle of the paper watercolor a circle, making sure to use an overabundance of liquid! Take your straw and blow into the watercolor to make the colors fly out. Move the paper around and blow at different angles to get color all over! 

Pro-Tip: Use different colors of paint! When you blow the watercolor around the colors will mix to form new colors. Make this into an educational moment by teaching your kids about the primary colors and the different ways they mix together. 

Once your monster body is looking how you want it, let the paper dry. 

While your watercolor is drying, take the time to cut out your monster's eyes! Use a black marker to color the eyes for a monster-y look. 

Glue the monster's eyes on then add the rest of the body using the marker. This is a great craft for younger kiddos to be involved every step of the way. Because they are making a monster it's only a good thing when arms are drawn on a little wonky or they add an extra leg! 

Get Crafting!