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Fun at the Farmers Market: What to Expect and Where to Go

Sep 10, 2023 ● By Ellysia McElroy

By: Ellysia McElroy 

Every spring, vendors begin setting up their booths across the United States, and people rush to experience the local farmers markets. The Sioux Empire is no exception; our community especially loves to host and visit! If you haven’t been before, here’s a spoonful of what you can expect when you go. 

Amazing Finds at the Farmer’s Market: 

● Fresh fruits and vegetables! Alongside these goodies, vendors often sell mushrooms, herbs, and flowers. Not only can you pick up healthy produce to cook with later, but you can also rest assured that they are locally grown.  

● Live music! Farmers markets are a fantastic spot to meet and hear the music of local artists. Whether it’s a musical group or one guitarist with a microphone, the tunes keep the energy high at the market. 

● Baked goods! Once you’ve finished picking tomatoes and tulips, you can find fresh bread, sweet desserts, and even wood-fired pizza. Treat your family to some delicious ready-to-eat food! 

● Handcrafted goods! Whether you’re searching for a new cutting board, well-made jewelry, or soap, farmers markets are a great place to check, all while supporting local craftspeople. 

● Prints and sculptures! Artists love to introduce their works to the public and provide you with a variety of original pieces. Postcards, little statues, and even cute stickers are popular sells in many markets. 

● Nearby sights! You will find other great stops near a farmers market, such as the waterfalls near the Falls Park Farmers Market or the pool down the road from the Canton Open Air Market. Once you’ve finished exploring the booths, there’s often even more to discover! 

So, when and where can you find some of these markets? Several thrive in our region, including: 

●    Falls Park Farmers Market- 8am-1pm on Saturdays; Falls Park, Sioux Falls 

●    Brandon Farmers Market- 9am-2pm on Saturdays; 515 N. Splitrock Blvd 

●    Lake Lorraine Farmers Market- 4-7pm on Thursdays; Lake Lorraine, Sioux Falls 

●    Harrisburg Market at The Country Apple Orchard- 4-8pm on Fridays; 27249 SD Hwy 115, Harrisburg 

●    Downtown Hartford Market- 5-8:30pm on the first Thursdays of the month; Downtown Hartford 

●    Canton Open Air Market- 5-7pm on Thursdays; Jack Fox Park, Canton 

●    Dell Rapids Farmers Market- 9am-12pm on select Saturdays; 1108 N Hwy 77 

Keep in mind that these are the general spring and summer hours, and the colder seasons often mean different hours or temporary closing. 

No matter what element of the market sparks your interest, farmers markets are a fantastic way to involve yourself in the Sioux Empire community. What better way to get the kids out and buy some of the week’s groceries than to visit one? Support local businesses, buy fresh produce, enjoy handmade soap, and visit a farmers market!