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Get on Track Going Back to School with LifeScape

Aug 24, 2023 ● By Alissa Colshan, PT, DPT

By: Alissa Colshan, PT, DPT, LifeScape Therapist

It seems time only goes by faster and faster each year, meaning yes, it’s time to start talking about kids going back to school. To help you get ready, we’ve put together a “Back-to-School” checklist.

Let’s start by making sure kids are ready for their school schedule and routine. First, start a countdown to the first day of school. Use a calendar and cross days off until that day arrives! Next, create a routine and give it a try a few weeks before school starts. This will not only help your child adjust to their new schedule but will also allow you to make any changes before the big day! Finally, try letting your child make choices in their routine to increase compliance. This can be as simple as choosing to eat breakfast or get dressed first in the morning.

Now, let’s talk about gear. Clothes, shoes, and backpacks can have a big impact on the school experience for your child. Think about letting your child try on their new school clothes or uniform to ensure they can manage their buttons and zippers after going to the bathroom. With the start of every school year typically comes new shoes! However, keep in mind you’ll want to find a shoe that is comfortable and will provide support as they walk, run, and play! Don’t forget the backpack. Your child’s backpack should be positioned in the middle of their back. Keep the weight of their backpack to no more than 10-15% of their body weight.

No school day would be complete without lunch, right? Kids get hungry after all. Consider having your child create a kid-friendly, parent-approved lunch menu. Kids love choices and parents love ensuring their child will have a nutritious meal. You can also find a fun new water bottle that will encourage your child to stay hydrated throughout the school day.

Finally, don’t forget about homework. Set up a dedicated homework space that’s free of distractions to allow for improved attention. Find a comfortable chair that allows your child to sit up straight. Creating the perfect environment can make doing homework something to look forward to.

Remember, you can always reach out to the LifeScape Therapy team for advice and tricks to make school fun for your child. Just call (605) 444-9700 or visit

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