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Conquer the First Day Fear

Jul 29, 2023 ● By The Hood Magazine

When it comes to back to school time, there tends to be two types of children. You have those that are excited for a new year, OR there are those that are not.

If your child is more like the second option, know you are in good company. Anxious and nervous are both common ways children will describe their looming first day.

So as parents what can we do to help ease into this transition?


Have real conversations about school. The fun stuff, and the things that they may feel nervous about. A lot of nervousness comes from the feeling of the unknown. The more you can talk through it with your child, the more comfortable they may begin to feel.


Hit those back to school aisles together! Let your child pick out a backpack, pencil case or gym shoes. Anything that they are able to have input on will help make that first day all the more exciting!


Whether it's a homemade countdown calendar, a super cute Etsy buy or scribbled on piece of paper; count down the days to help build excitement.


Plan a celebration for the end of the first day. Maybe it's a special dinner or a quick drive-though ice cream treat. Make a plan together that helps celebrate the end of an exciting day.


This may sound silly, but for children a run-through can be a lot of help. If you are planning to drop off and pick up your child, take a drive and show them where you will go and how it works. Help them try to understand the process. If your child is planning to ride the bus, walk to the bus stop together a couple of times to get familiar with it. It is impossible to know how every minute of every day will go, but practicing the things that are more in your control can really help with those anxious feelings.

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