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A Father's Day Treat

Jun 16, 2023 ● By The Hood Magazine
Want to give dad a sweet card this year? Give one of our DIY tie and candy cards a try!

All you need is paper, a plastic bag, scissors, glue, marker and candy of choice.

Cut out a tie shape out of one piece of paper. Don't worry if it's not won't mind!

Trace your tie onto another sheet of paper and cut out a second tie. For the second tie, we just need about a half inch around the edge; so you can cut out the middle.

Cut a plastic bag open, so you just have one piece of plastic. Lay the plastic over the tie and glue it down just around the edges to create a pocket. Hot glue works great for this!

Next, take you second tie (remember we just needed the outside piece!) and glue that down over the plastic pocket so you don't see the glue edge any longer. 

Cut the excess plastic off around the tie, and now you have a cute little tie with a candy pocket! Fill up the pocket with dad's favorite treat!

OPTIONAL: Before gluing the plastic onto the tie, write a message to dad that he will see when he eats the candy!