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Summer Break Must Haves

Jun 08, 2023 ● By The Hood Magazine
Ready for Summer? So are we! Or at least so we thought. A recent purge and clean out of the hallway closet had us realizing that we weren't ready or prepared at all! So we gathered up a list of some summer necessities, along with some items that are just fun to have to help you prepare for the warm months ahead!

  • SUNSCREEN! This may seem obvious, but have you checked the expiration date on your sunscreen bottle lately? Make sure it's not expired, and if it is or if that bottle is just about gone, add it to your shopping list. Don't forget sunscreen for your lips too!
  • BUG REPELLENT! Spray, lotions, bracelets-whatever form works best for your family, remember to grab some at the store. Those pesky mosquitoes will be here in no time!
  • SWIM DIAPERS (If you have a little one at home!) You never know when that first pool or lake day will come. It's better to be prepared than taking time out of the sunshine to stop at the store.
Just for fun:
  • New pool or lake toys and floats. While some of these stay good to year to year, it never fails that some need to be replaced, and coincidentally when you go to replace them, the store shelves are empty. 
  • Frozen treats! You know that first hot day when the kids are complaining they want a popsicle and then you go to the freezer, and there's nothing? That won't happen this year!
  • Sidewalk chalk and bubbles. Maybe these should go under the necessity list? What's a summer without bubbles?!