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Toolbox Treats for Dad

Jun 02, 2023 ● By Museum of Visual Materials

Toolbox of Treats for Dad

Create a gift pack carrier for Dad out of a 6-pack holder!
We repurposed a 6 pack of beer holder for Dad’s toolbox of treats! Great for Dad's favorite goodies such as, beef jerky, candy bars or maybe some new socks or sunglasses!

Simply cover the cardboard like you would a present. Grab some double-sided tape, scissors and get creative with some decorative cardstock! Add some stickers and glitter to personalize your gift pack.

Here are some ideas to fill up your gift package:
Baked Goods
Favorite Drink
Yard Gloves
Gift Card
Think of a theme- a golf lover? Fill it up with tees, golf balls, towel and sunscreen.

This works great for Birthdays or any occasion. It’s especially great to give someone who has everything or need to make a quick trip to a convenient store to fill the cardboard caddy up with treats!