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5 Tips for Breastfeeding during the Summer Months

May 26, 2023 ● By Alicia Fonder
By: Alicia Fonder of Health Haven
  1. Stay hydrated! It’s important for you to stay hydrated during warm weather in order to keep up your milk production. It is not recommended to give water to babies under 6 months old, so your milk is their best source of hydration. It’s said that breastmilk is over 80% water, especially at the beginning of the feeding. Having a fun water bottle with you at all times is a great way to help you remember to drink water!

  2. Short/frequent feedings! It is helpful to give your baby more frequent feedings, even if they are shorter. This will ensure they stay hydrated.

  3. Shade or Cover! When you are at an outdoor event, or at the pool, etc. you can use a lightweight nursing cover, or find a shady spot. An outdoor mat is nice to put down on the ground and make any spot more comfy. You can also put a cute sun hat on your baby to help shade them. Sunscreen is not recommended for babies under 6 months old. A small fan clipped to your baby’s car seat or stroller can also help to keep them cool! 

  4. Wrap/Sling! A lightweight wrap or sling is a nice way to keep your baby close to you while also keeping them out of the sun. This is also a great way to facilitate frequent feedings. Lightweight breathable clothing for both mom and baby are a great idea too. 

Legal rights! It is your legal right to breastfeed in public in any location you are allowed to be in, with or without a cover. Do whatever feels most comfortable for you!