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Meet Tracy, the 2023 Childcare Provider of the Year

Apr 18, 2023 ● By The Hood Magazine

Sanford fit presents the 2023 ‘hood Childcare and Preschool Provider of the Year:

Tracy Robinson, Robinson Family Daycare 

Some days it can be challenging to get your kids out the door. Imagine a dozen little ones under five going to the grocery store to pick out food to donate to those in need or volunteering at a local nonprofit. Those are just a few reasons why the 2023 Childcare and Preschool Provider of the Year, Tracy Robinson, was nominated by multiple parents from her daycare. “Unconditional love,” “trust,” and “selfless” are just a few of the words used in her nominations. 

Tears came when the ‘hood and Sanford fit teams, along with the nominating parents, showed up to surprise Tracy. She said she has never done it for recognition but to be a helping hand to her families. “Many parents have a limited amount of time with their kids between picking them up and bedtime, so I want to ensure I’m giving the kids plenty of experiences during the day, so parents don’t need to feel guilty,” Tracy said.  

Over the 20 years that Tracy has cared for children, she has stayed in touch with most of them. “I get asked to attend their events, shows, and graduations. Their family has become my family,” she added. Even outside of care, Tracy and the parents get together for fun and bonding, like going to games. Support systems are essential for parents, and Tracy helps guide and connect her families. “Seasoned moms share their stories and advice. I wouldn’t have had that and the wealth of knowledge about parenting without Tracy,” said Teresa, one of the nominators. Ann, another nominator, added, “She celebrates all the wins and helps navigate the trials.” 

Ashley, another nominating mom, sums it up: “Tracy deserves this because she is not just a good daycare provider; she is a good human.”