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Unique Ideas for Easter Egg Decorating from Museum of Visual Materials

Apr 04, 2023 ● By The Hood Magazine
*Provided by Museum of Visual Materials*

There is no better way to get into the Easter spirit than decorating eggs! There are tons of fun ideas on the internet of how to create your Easter eggs. I tried two different ways to create a marbling effect.

For these craft projects, I used D.I.Y Easter eggs. They are pretty handy, so you do not have to boil eggs. If you use real eggs, it would be best not to eat these eggs because of the craft supplies we will be using on them.

First up, is the nail polish technique. I checked out a YouTube Video and then gave it a try. I didn’t love this one because the nail polish smell got a little strong and extra messy.

Simply, add nail polish to a plastic disposable dish that is filled with water.

Add a few nail polish colors into the water and dip your egg in.

Roll your egg around, so it is completely covered. Learn from my mistake and wear gloves or use tongs. I was too impatient for that!

Let dry in egg carton or paper plate.


Next up is my favorite! Supplies you will need are eggs of course, I used the DIY Eggs again. You will also need food coloring and shaving cream. You wouldn’t want to eat the real eggs, since we will be putting shaving cream on top of them. If you do not have shaving cream handy, you can also use whip cream, also a more edible choice!

First, add shaving cream to a disposable container and add a few drops of food coloring.

Grab a skewer, popsicle stick, pen or whatever to mix the colors. Be careful you do not over mix, then it would be just one color.

Lay your egg onto the shaving cream mixure.

Spread the egg all around to completely cover the egg.

Let it rest for 15mins.

Then,  simply wipe the shaving cream up with a paper towel.

Very fun and easy! Hope you enjoy creating these easter eggs!

Happy Easter!