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'hood Magazine: April 2023

Mar 28, 2023 ● By The Hood Magazine

I am excited to celebrate our 10th year of Educator of the Year (EDOY). We are lucky to have excellent teachers in our schools and childcare settings who work countless hours and love being the person helping shape our future leaders. Our educators are doing what they love not for the money or the credit but because they love watching how far a child can grow in one year. Our 2023 winner, Mrs. Haug, has been a teacher for many years and always goes above and beyond for families! I have heard from many parents how hard childcare has been to find over the last couple of years, and I know many parents who have been on a waiting list since they found out they were pregnant. While this shortage is something that the community is working on, the ’hood team decided this year we should honor a childcare/preschool provider. We’re excited for you to meet this year’s winner, Tracy Robinson. This section starts on page 25. 

Also in this issue, there are two local moms sharing articles. One story is from an educator’s perspective about breaking down barriers to support our youth. The other is a local executive who shares how she gives her daughter a different kind of education by exposing her to various organizations and business activities. 

You will also find experts sharing resources and knowledge. There are three doctors in our Ask the Expert column sharing helpful advice. Laura from Your Nurtured Baby shares how she was looking for a baby spa for her daughter’s medical needs, and when there wasn’t one in our market, she took steps to make it happen for other families. And finally, we learn reasons you should visit Siouxland Libraries. 

Our guide in this issue is all things education. While I know September is months away, spots fill up quickly for preschool and private school classes. In addition to those, we also have childcare and tutoring/lessons in this Education Guide, all starting on page 17. 

April Issue