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What to Expect During a Newborn Photo Session

Mar 28, 2023 ● By The Hood Magazine

By: S. Kay Photography

Your session is almost here! I wanted to shoot you a quick email to give you a heads up as to what to expect!

  • To respect & value both your time and mine, your session time will begin promptly, as scheduled
    • Please arrive a few minutes early to get everyone situated & ready; this will allow us to spend the most time together, capturing your beautiful family!
  • Your session will be held at My Studio:
    • You will arrive at 122 S. Phillips Ave, Suite 240, Sioux Falls, SD, 57107.
      • Please arrive on time, as there may be sessions both prior to and after yours.
      • Come in through the front main door and take elevator to 2nd floor and head to Suite 240, make sure your shoes are clean/dry upon entry & I will greet you! 
  • We will spend the first 5-10 minutes of your session getting your family ready for the shoot & the remaining minutes making magic in front of the camera!
    • I want to able to capture everything you need, within our allotted time, so ​if there are any specific photos you'd like, please let me know during our 5-10 minute preparation time.

5 Tips for Your Newborn Session

1. Please feed your baby prior to your session, while also expecting to feed again upon arrival, so that your baby might be more likely to fall asleep. We have a comfortable place for you to do this!

2. Bring a pacifier for your little one to suck on. (it helps in the posing process)

3. Many of the images I take are “all natural/lifestyle” so prepare to be a huge part of this session. :)

4. If you have any favorite item(s), such as a stuffed animal, favorite blanky etc., please bring this along! I love to capture all your special moments, including items that are special to your family.

5. For parents - dress comfortable (dad - white, cream, deep neutrals are perfect)! I have a plethora of beautiful, neutral-based wardrobe for both baby, toddler(s), and momma. I would LOVE to style this photos with my client closet; the dresses are PERFECT for all types of motherhood sessions. 

Most of all - please expect your session to be FUN and relaxed! My main mission is to capture YOUR FAMILY (personalities and all), so I try my best to make it fun for all members of your family. 

Following your session, you will receive an email detailing what to expect for your photo deliverables.

Again, I am SO excited for your session and I'm looking forward to it!

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