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Meet 'hood Cover Shot Photographer

Jan 03, 2023 ● By The Hood Magazine

Sponsored by: S. Kay Photography - 122 S Phillips Ave, Suite 240, Sioux Falls, SD

Hey, I'm Stephany Kay ...

... a midwest momma of 2, who loves all things holistic, garden related, self-loving and simply enjoying all the little moments in life, while ALWAYS trying my best to make others smile. If you aren't finding me behind the camera, you'll likely find me obsessing over my garden, singing to myself (haha, seriously .. I LOVE music) and re-living my childhood with my 2 (not so little anymore) kiddos.

HOW did I get into photography? Glad you asked, friend! Honestly .. it was accidental. I've always loved art and creations, growing up, BUT I really had no idea photography could be that! In High School I took a photography class, simply to be 'one of those students who got to roam the school grounds during class and goof off', and I had no idea I would love it so much. I learned how to shoot with an old 35mm film camera that I had to develop myself in the dark room and I found it so fascinating. A few years after graduation and an infant later, I decided to pick up a camera so I could capture my son's milestones, enrolled into New York Institute of Photography ... and the rest is history!

I've been in business since 2009 and I've loved being able to watch so many of my clients' family's grow and capture all their special moments along the way. I am SO STOKED to meet you and start capturing your family's journey, too!