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Your 2023 Homebuying Dream Team-Sponsored by DVN Mortgag

Jan 03, 2023 ● By Dawn Van Nieuwenhuyzen — Senior Mortgage Banker

Sponsored by: DVN Mortgage 

Are you ready to buy a home this year? Let’s do it! I say “let’s” because it takes a team. You don’t have to walk the journey of becoming a homeowner on your own. But the decision of who to recruit for your team is up to you. So let me tell you about what you need to look for and the responsibilities of each person.

Your team doesn’t have to be large. The main players will consist of you, the buyer(s), a real estate agent, and a mortgage banker, like me. It’s important to find an experienced realtor and knowledgeable mortgage banker. They will be able to help you get into your new home as quickly as possible, without missing any essential steps in the process.

Now that we know the essential players, let’s talk about roles and responsibilities.

The buyer.

That’s you! You’re responsible for finding a realtor who will help you find the right house and negotiate a price when that time comes. You also get to choose who will lend you the money to buy your home. You can go to a local bank, like Plains Commerce Bank, and find a mortgage banker like me or there are other types of lenders out there, like a broker. A real estate agent can also recommend lenders they’ve worked with before or if you happen to go to the lender first, they can refer you to a trustworthy realtor.

My suggestion is that you go to a lender first. It’s very important to find out what your financial goals are, set a monthly payment goal, and even get pre-approved before you start shopping. This will save you time and heartache, so you don’t fall in love with a house you can’t afford. My team is dedicated to helping make this part of the process enjoyable and educational. Mortgage is complex, but with our team, we’ll make sure you understand your options and what mortgage programs will help you meet your goals.

A couple things you’re responsible for are homeowners’ insurance, transferring the utilities of your new home into your name, and any other home services you’ll need to get started, such as internet and cable. We are happy to help you with any of these things.

Next, is the realtor.

You will need to hire a realtor to help you find your new home – we have a great recommendation for you if needed!

Apart from helping you look for a home, once you have found one, a realtor still has some work to do. Your realtor will help you negotiate the price, likely set up a home inspection, and organize a final walk-through. There are sometimes things that come up in your home

inspection that require renegotiating that your realtor will be able to navigate with you. And the final walk-through is important to help you feel confident as you move into your home. This is your last chance to make sure all the agreed-upon repairs have been made and the house is in the shape you want it to be before you move in.

Last, but not least, the mortgage banker.

The third major part of your team is me. Along with helping you get pre-approved for a mortgage, once your offer has been accepted, I will help you get a new home appraisal, title work and survey, which are all required pieces of the mortgage process when buying a home. My team will also help to set up your closing- the final step of the home-buying process. This is where you sign the final paperwork and receive the keys to your new home! My team and I will continue communication with you over the next few months as you make your first mortgage payment and to answer any questions that come up after closing.

What sets a good lender apart from a great one is experience. If you don’t feel personally cared for and equipped to take on your mortgage with confidence, you should find a different mortgage banker. My team would be honored to help you! We work hard to find customized mortgage solutions to your financial goals while taking the time to get to know you too.

If you’re looking for a lender you can trust, give me a call. We can also help you form your team to help make your home-buying experience a Dream!


Dawn Van Nieuwenhuyzen – Senior Mortgage Banker – NMLS #21096 – Plains Commerce Bank

Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender. All loans subject to credit approval.


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