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What to Do if You Wake Up to a Freezing House

Nov 29, 2022 ● By Foley’s Heating & Air Conditioning

There are just some cold winter mornings when the alarm goes off, and as you begin to poke a foot out from underneath the covers, you quickly decide under the covers is where you prefer to stay. For most of us, that is not an option. After coming to that conclusion, you realize it’s more than a chilly winter’s morn, but the actual house is downright cold. You may have a furnace on the fritz. But don’t panic yet. 

  • First, check that the furnace is on. The switch may have gotten bumped into the off position. Most furnaces have a control that often resembles a light switch. 

  • Check if the thermostat is in heat mode. 

  • Reset the furnace. For newer models, that’s typically a matter of turning off the furnace, waiting ten seconds, and turning it back on. Another way is to turn off the circuit breaker for ten seconds and back on. If you have an older furnace and the pilot light is on, a reset is not required. If the pilot light is off, turn the thermostat all the way down, light the pilot light, and reset the thermostat. 

  • Your thermostat may be broken. Set it to different temperatures and see how the temperature in your home responds. 

  • Check your electrical panel to ensure you didn’t blow a fuse or trip a breaker.  

  • Ensure the pilot light isn’t out and the gas valve is on. If it is, you can relight the pilot light. 

If you can still see your breath standing in the kitchen after checking these possible issues, it is probably time to call a professional. Until that person arrives, close rooms not in use, build a fire if you have a fireplace, bake some bread, dress in layers, break out the space heaters, and open faucets enough to drip a little. Help is on the way!