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Every Parents Nightmare: Eating Out!

Sep 01, 2022 ● By The Hood Magazine
By: 'hood Magazine

Remember the days of going out before becoming parents? Basking quietly in each other’s company at a quaint table, while enjoying a delicious meal. And then came a baby! It’s no secret that having a baby changes our lifestyle a bit (for the better of course!), and eating out is no different. But, with some simple tricks we can take your “taking-a-baby-to-a-restaurant” experience from drab to fab! 

1. If you have the option, choose a booth. Booths allow you to "lock" your child on the inside. Less visual temptation of being able to run around the restaurant will actually lead to less running around the restaurant.

2. Child's meal first please! When ordering, ask your waiter/waitress if the meal you are ordering for your child can come out first. It's no secret that children have less patience than adults, especially when hungry! By having their food come to the table first you can avoid "hangry" tantrums.

3. Kids are kids! While it is important to teach table manners and offer general respect for other diners; at the end of the day: kids are kids! Sitting too long is often going to result in a serious case of the wiggles. If you are dining for an extended period of time with a group of people, offer your child a break. If the weather is nice, even step outside and take a short walk around the building. Teach manners, but have realistic expectations.

4. Pack reinforcements. Grab some quiet toys, crayons or other forms of entertainment to help keep your child entertained during the waiting period. Maybe even grab a couple of snacks!

Enjoy your time out! Children feed off of our emotions and if we as parents are stressed, we are not helping the situation. Even if your child begins to act up, try your best to redirect and move forward!