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Back-to-School Breakfasts

Aug 02, 2022 ● By Hood Magazine

Peanut Butter Banana Crunch Yogurt Parfait

This yummy yogurt parfait is an ideal breakfast. It’s quick to make and has the perfect carbohydrate-protein-healthy fat ratio to give you energy and satiety until lunchtime.

Servings: 1

Prep time: 10 mins

Total time: 10 mins

Created by: Janet Staicoff, St. Louis, MO



  • 1 c nonfat light vanilla yogurt
  • 1 tbsp creamy peanut butter
  • 1 tbsp chopped walnuts
  • 4 pretzel twists, crumbled (about 1 tbsp)
  • 1 small banana, sliced


In a small bowl, mix yogurt and peanut butter together. In a separate bowl, toss walnuts and pretzels together. In a tall glass, begin to build parfait. Layer ½ cup yogurt, half of banana slices and 1 tablespoon of walnut/pretzel mixture. Repeat layers. Serve immediately.

Rainbow Fruit and Cheese Kabobs

Brighten up your summer snacks and put your favorite cheeses and fruits in one place with this easy, nutritious recipe.


Servings: 6

Prep time: 15 mins

Total time: 15 mins

Created by: Midwest Dairy Association



  • 6 (8-in or longer) straws
  • 6 oz Monterey cheese, cut into 18 cubes
  • 1/2 c strawberry halves
  • 1/2 c cantaloupe, cut into 3/4-in cubes
  • 1/2 c pineapple, cut into 3/4-in cubes
  • 1 kiwifruit, peeled and cut into 6 pieces
  • 1/4 c blueberries
  •  6 purple grapes



To make a rainbow for each “kabob,” thread onto a straw a piece of cheese, a strawberry halve, a cantaloupe cube, a pineapple cube, another piece of cheese, a piece of kiwi, two blueberries, a grape, and another piece of cheese. Repeat pattern with remaining straws.