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Advice for First-Time Kindergarten Parents

Jul 25, 2022 ● By The Hood Magazine

By: Miranda Ochocki, ‘hood Staff 

This coming school year, I am sending my firstborn off to kindergarten. He is a mama’s boy, so my heart hurts even writing this. We chose a daycare that only offered Monday-Thursday care, so I am blessed to have him home with me on Fridays. I am so very grateful for that extra bonding time. 

The start of the school year is just around the corner. He wasn’t a huge fan of preschool, so I’ve been worried about this transition. Naturally, I turned to my social media network to gather advice from seasoned parents to help all of us during this time. And they didn’t let me down. See their tips for not only the first day (i.e., all the crying) but also things to think of before the day arrives and general advice for the year. 

Advice for Kindergarten Parents 


  • Attend the open house to meet the teacher and share your questions and concerns. 

  • Buy a quality backpack. 

  • Label everything with your child’s name, from lunch boxes to boots. 


  • Try to hide those tears until they’re out of your sight. If your child sees you sad, it can make them think it is a bad idea.  

  • BUT feel free to cry all you want that day. Take a mental health day from work (or check out early to pick them up) or schedule lunch with a friend to provide some relief. 

General advice 

  • Don’t forget the school drop-off and pick-up etiquette. Not only does it keep the process running smoothly but it also helps keep the kids safe.  

  • Check the lunch schedule and meal prep any lunches they need to bring on Sunday! 

  • Don’t forget to wash their water bottle routinely. 

  • They will most likely be exhausted the first few days or weeks after school starts. The transition can be hard on them, but they do adjust.