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Apple Tree Feature: It Takes a Village: Creating Partnership with Parents

Jul 09, 2022 ● By The Hood Magazine

SPONSOR FEATURE BY: Apple Tree Children's Center 

When we think of child care, what comes to mind? Dropping your child off and picking them up day after day. Diapers, bottles, playtime. Going through the routine. This mentality is the norm, but it

  does not have to be that way. At Apple Tree, we are trying to change the mindset of parents to highlight partnering with us, the caregivers, in the raising of the child. This is why we are implementing “Partnership with Parents.” Our new view on caring for each child is working side by side with parents and learning and growing together. The old saying, “it takes a village,” is not too far off, and the education of children no longer lies solely in the hands of the caregiver or teacher.  

According to a book written by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), entitled Families and Educators Together, “Families and teachers both have information that can be exchanged as part of an ongoing reciprocal relationship. Together, you support the healthy development and learning of each child. Research shows that children thrive when their families are involved in their care and education.” We stand by this same principle. We believe that not only involvement, but opportunities for education are important for parents. As we kick off our new campaign, we’re starting with training for parents and caregivers. We are partnering with Sanford Child Services and giving parents a chance to learn alongside our staff. Our first class deals with Positive Guidance. We hope to grow this program and incorporate different ways parents can be involved and create a well-rounded experience for their child.  

 Partnering with families can also make it easier to address challenging behaviors and early intervention with missed milestones or lack of development. Early detection of a child’s specific needs can lead to a greater opportunity for success in early childhood education. If there is strong communication and a balanced relationship between parent and caregiver, conversations will be open and understanding.  

While child care used to be viewed solely as diapers and playtime, we now know it is so much more. It is an early learning environment in which the children in our care have the opportunity to learn and meet their milestones in a well-rounded capacity. We hope our partnering plan will take off and become a model for other programs. In the meantime, we will continue our quest for family relationships and partnerships with parents.