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What to Eat When You're Execting

Jun 23, 2022 ● By The Hood Magazine
Congratulation! You're expecting a new bundle of joy. Check out our favorite foods to keep you and your baby feeling your best, and what kind of foods work best to fight off some of those unpleasant pregnancy side effects.

First Trimester:
Many expecting mamas deal with nausea and sickness throughout their first trimester. The nausea may make it difficult to want to eat anything, but as your baby grows you will want to make sure you try to get in more nutrients. Try foods that are high in folic acid, such as citrus fruits, bananas, avocados, beans, rice and leafy greens.  

Second Trimester:
Hopefully some of the sickness and nausea begins to pass at this point and your appetite can return. Try to keep a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables. Some carbs and proteins help keep your energy up, lean meats and whole wheat breads are a great choice. Constipation is common in pregnancy so always remember to drink plenty of water, and be sure you are getting foods with fiber. Kiwi is an amazing option to help fight off constipation!

Third Trimester:
The home stretch! One very common thing that pregnant women are deficient in is iron! Red meat, and fish are a great option to keep those iron levels up. Always check with your physician on what type of seafood they recommend!

As the baby grows during these final months, you may feel yourself being more hungry. Don't deprive yourself on reaching for a snack, but try and make sure you have healthy options available too. Fresh fruits and veggies are always delicious and refreshing. Eating a good breakfast (if you are able) can help with energy levels and fight off the urge to snack all morning long. Eggs are an excellent option because they contain iron and protein!

Most importantly, remember to enjoy your pregnancy. Try your rest to get in some valued nutrients each day, but no judgement from us you decide to end your night with a scoop of ice cream!