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Water Safety Tips You Need to Know: Sponsored by Safe Splash Swim School

Jun 01, 2022 ● By Safe Splash Swim School

Sponsored by: Safe Splash Swim School

Summer is here, and it’s time for water fun! To enjoy the water safely, think SPLASH as a way to teach, learn, and reinforce life-saving habits: 

S = Swim Lessons 

P =Put Away Toys, Put Up Ladder 

L = Life Jackets 

A = Adult Always Watching 

S = Shut All Gates 

H = How to Rescue 

Let’s take a deeper look into the most important of these six tips. 

Swim Lessons: This is by far the most critical. Learning to swim is progressive with up to ten levels of learning, going from basic activities to stroke proficiency. Basic skills involve replacing fear with fun and include blowing bubbles, putting your head underwater, and floating on your back without hesitation. Once accomplished, you can work on swim strokes, each with specific steps to learn. Learning the life-saving skill of swimming comes with practice, repetition, and certified instructors providing individualized attention to progressive steps at each level.  

Adult Always Watching. Accidents happen in an instant, distractions are everywhere, and kids are fast. Having an established, attentive adult water watcher can help ensure children stay safe.  

Life Jackets. While approved floatation devices are crucial for non-skilled swimmers, they are imperative for anyone on watercraft. The shock of unexpectedly being thrown into open water may make a person unable to use swim skills. Just like seat belts, life jackets are an easy life-saving measure. 

Download the SafeSplash App or visit now for individualized, small class attention and progress toward a lifetime of adventure and joy in and around water.