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Meet Our 2022 Educator of the Year

Apr 07, 2022 ● By The Hood Magazine

Marissa Whipple, 2nd Grade Teacher, Baltic School District 

If we would have shown up the prior week to surprise our winner, we would have found a shark in place of a teacher. Dressing up for Dr. Seuss week is just one of the ways that our 2022 Educator of the Year makes learning fun for her 2nd grade class.  

 Marissa Whipple’s love of being a teacher was evident from the nominations she received. Dani and Kenli, her nominators, shared how she’s not afraid to be silly and gets creative with her lessons, but most importantly, the students know she cares for them. One of the lessons that Kenli learned that she shared with her mom was, “Ms. Whipple says you have to give people second chances.” 

“One of my favorite things about teaching is having the opportunity to build relationships with my students, their families, and community members,” Marissa said. “One of the most important things I can do for my student’s learning is to get to know them and build a strong foundation for learning. Once I get to know my students, I get to build a family/team within our classroom. We get to be explorers, teammates, researchers, authors, illustrators, teachers, learners, and scientists every day because of the strong relationships I set with my students.” 

You can see the many adventures she takes her students on, like Classgiving, Animal Museum, 50s Day, Twosday, and Glow Day. Not only do the kids get to have fun during these days, but she turns them into learning experiences that help leave a lasting mark on the students. 

Marissa is a Baltic graduate herself. When talking about the award, she said that “many of my goals and ambitions came from the teacher role models I had, so I believe this award is thanks to them.” She’s the kind of person that loves to give. Not only does she give 100% in the classroom, but she is also a coach for many activities, serves as a prom advisor, and volunteers in the community. 


While her students were excited about Marissa’s award, they were distracted by the Cozy Spot baskets. Sanford fit joined The Hood Magazine in surprising the classroom with some great learning tools and activities. “Sanford fit wanted to help celebrate Hood’s Educator of the Year because every day in classrooms across America, educators are responsible for positively impacting the lives of students through their thoughts, words, and actions,” said Amy Baete. “Educators play a fundamental role in building kids’ resiliency, social skills, and healthy behaviors from the start.” 

You can find out more about our visit to Baltic School and Marissa Whipple on our website at There, you will also find more information on all of our nominees. 


Marissa Whipple’s Nominations 

“My daughter was blessed to have Ms Whipple for 2nd grade. Marissa spends countless hours creating a fun environment for her 2nd graders to learn in. She does fun science experiments, fun games to learn math facts, a 50’s diner for the 50th day of school, a Friendsgiving celebration & The Polar Express to name a few. She makes sure each kid in her class gets a book from the book order every month. When she’s not in her classroom you’ll find Marissa helping to plan events like prom, coaching or taking pictures at all of the sporting events. Marissa is a blessing to the community of Baltic as well-she helps with the food pantry & also takes pictures at community events.” 

“Marissa has a passion for teaching her kids as she calls them. She makes learning enjoyable by incorporating holidays with learning whether it’s about math, reading, history or the first 100 days of school!! Kids that have had her for a teacher have high regard for her. She makes learning in school fun but also makes sure that they are learning! I think she would be very deserving of this recognition.” 


List of nominees: I have a “EDOY Nominee List” word doc with these people. There are 40! I like how the 2021 nominees were listed but I know it might be hard to fit them all in so you can use your discretion.  


Quotes from kids in her class if you have room to integrate in print: 

  1. Miss Whipple is nice, has energy and is fun. –Aleigha J 

  1. Miss Whipple is AWESOME and comes up with fun activities.-Malaynie L 

  1. Miss Whipple is cool and the best teacher in history- Aiden K 

  1. Miss Whipple is a good dancer, funny and is good at the Chicken Dance! –Paxton W 

  1. Miss Whipple is a good teacher and makes math FUN! –Brynn L