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Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt

Mar 16, 2022 ● By Hood Staff
Here are some ideas for you to create your own scavenger hunt for the kids. Edit and customize to suit your family!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  

Don’t forget to wear your Green today!  I have hidden some special treasures around the house! Here is a treasure hunt just for the two of you!  Put on your special glasses to help you on your journey!! 👓 


I have a special hat for you!  It is hidden in a place where we store lots of hats! 👒 🎩 


Great job on finding your hat!  Up next is a special plate you are going to need later!  Where would you find plates???


Now what should we put on these plates???? I am thinking something sweet and fun! Make a special treat! 🧁 I was really sneak last night and hid them under your bed!   


I have something else for your plate! It is something new to try and we will have for supper!  Did someone cut the 🧀??  Just kidding, but I did bring some cheese 🧀!  Where would you find the cheese???  


What about adding some Green Apples with our Cheese.  Can you find two Green Apples?????


I thought I would add some Green Pickles to your plate!!!  I hide them in a place where you would pick up pickles at!!!  Where could that be?????


What about some Pistachios to go with the plate?   I hid them in something you would find at a farm and a place to store them?  It might be a different color than green!  


I have one last stop for you to find!  Have you seen a Green Pot of Candy Anywhere?  It is at the end of a rainbow?  Do you have a place where there are lots of rainbows?   Where do you think they are????


🎈Congratulations on finding the last items on your treasure hunt!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!