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Indoor Gardening and Why it's Beneficial for Senior Citizens

Sponsored by: Trail Ridge Senior Living

The warmer temperatures are giving us our first glimpse of Spring. While gardening season may not be here quite yet, it is the perfect time to start thinking about indoor gardens. Indoor gardening is a great option for senior citizens and Trail Ridge Senior Living is sharing the why’s and how’s this hobby is beneficial.

Most senior citizens enjoy still practicing using their green thumb. Our Midwestern weather may not allow them to be outside nearly as much as they would like, but the good news is they can still work in the dirt inside! 

There are many benefits of doing indoor gardening. It allows someone to have a project they can be proud of, and an extra activity to keep them busy using body and mind. 

Some plants even provide the added benefit of purifying the air, and can actually help to keep our air inside feeling fresher and cleaner.

Indoor plants such as flowers and ferns can all be grown inside rather easily. But if you want to try producing vegetation from your indoor garden here are some fruits, vegetables and herbs that are great for inside. 

Did you know peppers could be grown indoors? Beans and kale are also great options. And if space allows you could even try a cherry tomato plant. 

For fruits strawberries are always recommended for indoor gardening.

Herbs can make your indoor space smell amazing and full of fresh air. Easy options are: basil, parsley, oregano, lavender, cilantro, rosemary, and chives.