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Did You Know? Step Back to the Past With These Facts

Jan 27, 2022 ● By The Hood Magazine
When we think about February, we often think about Valentine's Day. In today's world, buying gifts and cards for Valentine's today can add up quickly with increasing prices. Which only makes it all the more shocking of what prices used to look like. 

Trail Ridge Senior Living is helping us step back to the past with some interesting facts of what prices used to look like for some of their residents.

For example,  in the 1940’s many couples were separated because of the war. Though Valentine’s Day was celebrated, letters and greeting cards were often mailed, the cost of a stamp? Just $.03!

The price of a new automobile was around $775.

The average price of a new home was $3000.

The average cost of gas was $.11 

A loaf of bread would cost you about $.08 and a gallon of milk around $.34!

Some other interesting facts that happened in the 1940's? Did you know that Mount Rushmore was completed in 1941? 
Marvel Comics introduces superhero Captain America in March 1941 and department stores begin selling Tupperware® in 1946.