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'Tis the Season, To Get Organized

Jan 03, 2022 ● By The Hood Magazine
The holidays are magical. It's the time of year when our hearts are a little fuller, and so are our homes.

Between the holiday decor and the increase of "stuff" that often Christmas presents bring can leave our homes feeling cluttered and overwhelming.

If you have been bit by the new year organizing bug, try out these tips to get your home back into shape.

Throwing can be difficult for some, but necessary for all. When you are starting your deep cleaning grab two garbage bags. One for donations and one for garbage. Use the garbage bag to dispose of stuff in the moment. Like, have you ever packed away a slightly broken Christmas ornament thinking "I'll deal with it next year". Having an accessible way to purge while you are cleaning is your best chance of success when it comes time for throwing out old items. 

60 Day Rule
Children are often given new toys at Christmas time. At some point it is necessary to either put some away or get rid of all together. Use the 60 day rule. In the past 2 months have you seen that toy used? While your children were home more during holiday break did that toy ever even leave the shelf? If not, it is time for it to go. If you think your child will still enjoy that toy, then simply pack it away in a spare toy tub for another day. Or if you think it has served it's purpose at your house, then it is time for it to go all together.