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6 Experiences Gifts to Give

Dec 08, 2021 ● By The Hood Magazine

Do you ever feel like your child(ren) have everything you can buy in a store?

This holiday season try gifting an experience! Often times experience gifts are gifts that the whole family can enjoy! Plus an experience gift is sure to create memories that will last well past the Christmas season.

Here are 6 type of experiences that make a great gift:

Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are great for even the most difficult person to buy for! You can find them in a wide variety of price ranges, age and interest. There are several subscriptions great for kids that are into STEM, science, crafts, baking and more!

Season passes

Season passes are the gift that keeps on giving. Giving a child or family the opportunity for endless fun is an amazing gift! Many area family attractions offer memberships or passes. From water parks and zoos to museum and play spaces, there is something for everyone!

Travel Experience

Family trips are always exciting. Start a family travel bucket list and start exploring!


Children love to try to new things. From gymnastics and dance to cooking and building. Classes are a great way to try a new experience and possibly even learn a new skill.


Does your family love a certain sports team? Do your children love a particular singer? Don't forget to check out area concerts and games!

Gift Baskets

Turning a gift basket into an experience is sure to take this popular gift idea to the next level. Make movie nigh gift basket, with a new movie or digital download credits to download a new movie. Include popcorn and candies and maybe even a soft snuggly blanket. A baking gift basket is another great idea for the little baker's in your life. Fun new pan shapes and themes with frostings and sprinkles! Offer to have a baking day and turn a day into an experience!