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Tips for Holiday Shopping in 2021

Nov 08, 2021 ● By The Hood Magazine
Last year we knew holiday shopping was going to look a little different. But as the new year came and  2021 went on, we began to see a glimpse of some normalcy. The was, until we started to hear the words "delays" and "shortages" frequently.

So what does all of this mean when it comes time for your holiday shopping?  We checked in with Sheryl, the owner of Kidtopia Toy Store to find out if there is anything we need to know when it comes time for shopping this Christmas season.

She gave us these 5 tips:

1. Shop Early!
Shortages and shipping delays are making certain products harder to come by. For the best options, plan to shop early.

2. Have a Plan B!
When your children are making their Christmas lists, be sure to have them include a few different options. This way, if you can't find a particular item, you will have other ideas.

3. Shop Small/Local.
Smaller and local businesses are trying to go above and beyond to make sure you still have a successful holiday season. They are working to help customers find substitute products on their lists and often put in extra effort to figure out if there are ordering options.

4. Buy It When You See It.
Ever come across an item and think, "I'll grab that next time I come." This year that is a bad idea. If you find something you are looking for, purchase it right away if you can. Many items are limited, so don't take a chance that it will still be there next time, or that more will be coming. 

5. Talk With Your Kids. 
Have a talk with your kids and prepare them to be open to different ideas for gifts. Even from Santa! Talk with them about adding extra ideas to their list. Not because they are necessarily going to get them, but because it really helps, even for Santa and his elves!