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Marble Pumpkins

Oct 19, 2021 ● By The Hood Magazine
Ready to try something new this Halloween? Give these marble pumpkins a try!

The first thing you need is....PUMPKINS, but these pumpkins need to be dipped into a bowl, so make sure they are small to medium size!

You can purchase white ones, or spray paint orange pumpkins white.

Next, you will need to grab some fingernail polish. The Dollar Store is a great spot for purchasing polish for this project.

Add warm water to a bowl (use a disposable bowl, or small bucket that you don't mind getting paint on!) filling it about half full. Pour fingernail polish into the water. Swirl it while you are pouring to make designs!

Dip your pumpkin in the water slowly, and SLOWLY pull it back out. You will be able to see the paint stick to the pumpkin. 

Lay on wax paper or plastic to dry.