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Hood's Favorite No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating

Oct 19, 2021 ● By The Hood Magazine

No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating

Carving pumpkins is a Halloween tradition for many. But sometimes a safe and fun alternative for kids is needed. Here are our favorite ways to dress up our pumpkins during the Halloween season.

The Dalmatian:
You need white and black felt, googly eyes and glue. Cut your white felt to make a dog face. Cut your black felt to make spots. Glue it all on with some googly eyes and you are set!

The Monster:
An absolute favorite year after year. All you need is some tinsel or garland and googly eyes. Glue it all on to cover your pumpkin and your all done!

The Clown:
Paint a pumpkin white or use a white pumpkin. Paint eyes and rosy cheeks. Glue on pom-poms and birthday hat and sit back and joy this silly Halloween fun.

The Frog:
Paint your pumpkin green. Grab some paper of your choice and cut out legs. Glue or tape on. Use two smaller pumpkins and googly eyes to make your frog's eyes pop!

The Owl:
Paint, glue, feathers are all you need! Pain your pumpkin and your owl's face. Glue on feathers and you're done!