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A New Take on Childcare

Sep 28, 2021 ● By The Hood Magazine


Truks-N-Trykes is a child’s home away from home. Nutritious meals, silly activities, educational 
 curriculum, and growing friendships help set the foundation for each child’s development. Our focus is to encourage growth in a loving environment for everyone. No two children are the same, so we strive to meet each child where they’re at and let them each thrive in their own unique way! 

Truks-N-Trykes Playcare, located at 3400 S Centerfield Place, features: 

All day preschool 

Daily yoga and movement  

Emphasis on building social and emotional skills 

Transportation to and from select east side schools 

Kids build friendships that will last through elementary school as we serve ages 2-12 

A balance of child-led and teacher-led activities allows for confidence going to kindergarten 

Parent teacher conferences twice a year for ages 3-5 

Small group learning  

 Truks-N-Trykes @ Golden Gateway is being built at 5705 E Tahoe Street and is now enrolling! Here are features of our newest TNT addition: 

Infant to 12-year-olds – “One-Stop-Shop” 

Infants will be introduced to foods through Baby Led Weaning, beginning at 6 months 

Infant gym space  

Café for eating and getting messy 

Large classrooms  

Big windows in each room to allow for natural light 

Indoor playspaces for all ages 


 What can you find at Playcare and Golden Gateway locations? Here are features available at both: 

Bathroom in classrooms to allow for successful potty training 

All day preschool to build confidence for kindergarten 

Preschool conferences 

Open-door policy for parents 

Gyms for year-round gross motor practice 

Use of an app to communicate with parents 

One hour of uninterrupted play for ages 1-12 

Nutritious lunches provided by LifeScape 

Structured school-age program for after school and summer care 

Whatever your child’s age, we have a place for them. From fostering fun and learning for your curious toddler to learning and preparing your pre-k child for beginning school, we offer specially designed rooms for each age group at all our locations. We can't wait for you to join our TNT Family! 


Contact Us 
Want to schedule a time to see our centers? Reach out to us at: 
TNT PlayCare: 605-371-9770 
TNT @ Golden Gateway: 605-305-2784 

Truks-N-Trykes PlayCare and Golden Gateway are locally owned by Barry and Melissa Anderson whose vision for childcare is to enhance the life of families through creating independent thinkers who are socially and academically confident while meeting each child at their ability levels to celebrate success throughout life.  Truks-N-Trykes @ Golden Gateway opening November 1, 2021!