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9 Most Impactful Minutes of Your Child's Day with Conversation Starters

Sep 26, 2021 ● By Truks-N-Trykes

By: Truks-N-Trykes

Are you a busy, working and tired parent who’s energy bucket is gone when you get home? Or any kind of parent for that matter! Well I have some good news. There are a total of 9 minutes during the day that you to set aside for your child. But when are these 9 minutes of one on one conversations and why are they so important? 

Here they are: The first 3 minutes upon waking up, the 3 minutes when they come back from the end of the day/you are reunited, and the last 3 minutes before the go to bed. These are the best time to spend one on one conversing with your child to make a world of a good for their social emotional wellbeing. They will feel loved, heard and be able to express themselves and become a great conversationalist.  

What should you ask during these 9 minutes? Set the stage for a meaningful connection by choosing from the list below of conversation starters. For best results ask questions that spark your child’s interests and experiences. Stay away from questions that lead to one word answers or questions that you feel have a right and wrong answer. These 9 minutes are meant to be engaging for both you and your child.  

Helpful tips: 

Ask specific questions: “how was your math test?” 

Share something about yourself if the conversation seems to be at a stall  (remember its only 3 minutes at a time).

Don’t stress if it isn’t flowing. It will happen, don’t force it!

Here are 12 great conversation starters for kids: 

What’s your favorite thing about your teacher? 

What school rule do you wish you could get ride of? 

What do you think your friends like most about you? 

If you were a parent, what rule what you have? 

What do you think you are really good at? 

Who’s the nicest person you know? 

What do you worry about? 

If you could only see one color what color would you choose? 

How do you show someone that you love them? 

What’s your least favorite chore? 

What’s the funniest joke you have heard? 

What do you think you are really good at?