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2021 Sioux Empire Childcare Directory

Sep 26, 2021 ● By The Hood Magazine

Leaving your kids in the hands of someone else while you’re at work can be a stressful time. But finding a great space your family will love just got easier with our 2021 Childcare Directory! We have amazing childcare options for you to check out, complete with what each center offers and their contact information. As with all our directories, you’ll find this information all year at! 


Apple Tree Learning Centers  

Phone: 605-339-9571(Apple Tree East), 605-361-9875 (Apple Tree West), 605-332-5581 (Apple Tree North), 605-361-7746 (Apple Tree Valhalla)  

Location: 3309 East 26th Street (Apple Tree East), 6400 West 43rd Street (Apple Tree West), 700 North Sycamore (Apple Tree North), 4101 Valhalla Blvd (Apple Tree Valhalla) 

Services Offered: Before/Afterschool Care, Faith Based, Preschool, Play Based, Drop In, Full-Time, Part-Time, School, Aged Summer Care, Center-Based, Transportation 

Our mission is to provide exceptional care while offering age-appropriate learning opportunities in the context of a Christ-centered worldview. 


Boys & Girls Clubs of the Sioux Empire 

Phone: 605-338-8061 

Location: Multiple locations in Sioux Falls, Brandon and Harrisburg 

Services Offered: Before/Afterschool Care, Preschool, Play Based, Drop In, Full-Time, Part-Time, School Aged, Summer Care, Center-Based, Transportation  

We are committed to supporting children at each stage of life. From infant to 18, we provide enriching programs that are aimed to enhance social, intellectual, physical, academic, and emotional well-being. 


Creator's Kids Learning Academy

Phone: 605-231-5520 

Location: 6804 S Lyncrest Ave, Sioux Falls 

Services offered:  Faith Based, Preschool, Full-time, Center-Based 

The Creator's Kids mission is to provide the best care for God’s greatest blessings. We offer more personalized care, broadened education, better nutrition, and Christian principles. 



Phone: 605-336-3660 (EmBe Downtown), 605-362-9438 (EmBe South) 

Location: 300 W 11th Street (EmBe Downtown), 3510 E Ralph Rodgers Road (EmBe South) 

Services Offered: Before /Afterschool Care (South location only), Preschool, Drop-In, Full-Time, Part-Time, School Aged Summer Care (South location only), Transportation, Center-Based 

EmBe educates children to become confident, independent thinkers. We offer a meaningful curriculum that facilitates the growth and development of each child. 


Kids Crossing  

Phone: 605-271-1471 

Location: 6101 S. Mogen Ave, Sioux Falls   

Services Offered: Before/Afterschool Care, Faith Based, Preschool, Play Based, Full-Time, Part-Time, Special Needs, School Aged Summer Care, Center-Based, Transportation 

Description: We're a Christian childcare center committed to providing a safe & loving learning environment for children four weeks to twelve years. We offer unique scheduling options. 


Kids ‘R’ Kids Prairie Hills 

Phone: 605-215-1341 

Location: 2201 W Trevi Pl, Sioux Falls 

Services Offered: Before/After School Care, Preschool, Play Based, Drop In, Full-time, Part-time, School Aged Summer Care, Center-Based, and Transportation 

Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy provides a secure, nurturing, and educational environment. We provide opportunity to grow physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually by playing, exploring, and learning with others.  


Little Wings Preschool 

Phone: 605-413-1487 

Location: 5629 W Mandy Ct, Sioux Falls 

Services offered:  Part-Time Preschool/Pre-k 

We offer a unique, small setting that focuses on social skills as well as education through hands-on experiences. We have morning and afternoon programs to fit all needs! 


Truks-N-Trykes @ Golden Gateway 

Phone: 605-305-2784 

Location: 5705 E Tahoe St, Sioux Falls 

Services Offered: Preschool, Play Based, Full-Time, Part-Time, School Aged Summer Care 

Truks-N-Trykes has hands-on education that helps children learn through play. Our center offers care for children ages infant to school-age, all-day preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten, before/after school care, and summer care. 


United Childcare and Preschool 

Phone: 605-332-5940 

Location: 401 S. Spring Ave. (First United), 2425 S. Western Ave. (Asbury United) 

Services Offered: Before/Afterschool Care, Faith Based, Preschool, Full time, Part time, Drop In 

School Aged Summer Care, Tuition based on an income sliding fee, CCA Accepted, Small Class Sizes 

Our small class sizes, large gym areas, and support for the whole family set us apart!  Our teachers are professional, experienced, and committed to the joy of child development.