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Giving Tech as a Gift a Tech Tip from Sioux Falls CellOnly

Aug 25, 2021 07:30PM ● By CellOnly

By: CellOnly

Has your child asked you for a phone yet? Chances are they will soon if they haven't already with 53% of kids having a smartphone by the age of 11 in the US. While technology can be exciting, helpful, and makes a great gift, there are several steps we recommend taking prior to taking the plunge.  

  • Determine if they're ready. 

  • There isn't a single perfect age to give your child a phone. We recommend talking to your child and making a list of how he or she can make good use of a phone. Make another list of potential problems and concerns. Then, compare the two lists together. As your child grows, be prepared to revisit this again in the future as needs change.  

  • Pick an appropriate device.  

  • We recommend an entry level device such as the Samsung Galaxy A51 or the iPhone SE. Available at a reasonable price and loaded with all the features kids need, they can grow into a premium device when the time is right.  

  • Set boundaries with Verizon Smart Family.  

  • To keep your kids tech use healthy, we recommend using Verizon Smart Family. It helps you limit screen time, filter content, track location and more. It's your parenting app for the new normal.