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No Pool? No Worries!

Jul 28, 2021 ● By The Hood Magazine

Need a way to stay cool in your backyard without a pool? We got you covered!

Give these cool down DIY hacks a try!

1.  Make your own splash pad! Lay a large tarp out, add one or two sprinklers and you are good to go! Your kids will splish-splash and love it! Don't forget to throw in some soft balls, toys and/or buckets for endless fun! Don't have a sprinkle, make your own! Keep reading to find out how!

2. Make your own sprinklers! All you need are some pool noodles, duct tape, and garden hose! Duct tape together as many noodles as you choose to make different lengths or shapes. Use a stick, skewer, or even a pencil to make several holes. Stick the hose in the whole of the pool noodle and BOOM! You just made the best sprinkler you can find!

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