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Rainbow After the Storm

Apr 23, 2021 ● By Yellow Brick Road Counseling and Therapy

By: Yellow Brick Road

Recently, I was in North Carolina shopping in a small downtown area and saw a poster that 
said: “There is a Rainbow after the Storm!” This caught my eye since rainbows fit with my theme 
of Yellow Brick Road. 

My clients often feel like they are in a storm with life’s situations, whether it is with mental health, 
relationships, or family issues. Working through the storm can be challenging as we face 
trauma, barriers, and behaviors that hinder our lives. In addressing trauma, we can let go of the 
negative emotions that create and keep those storms rumbling within us. 

Unfortunately, we are not always aware of a storm brewing until a trigger causes those negative 
emotions to rage. Seeking to address these issues through therapy can be a daunting task but it 
is also a choice that can improve your quality of life.

What would a rainbow look like for you if you addressed the trauma in your life? Knowing there 
is the hope of a rainbow at the end of the storm will help you pursue a better life for you and 
even those you love. Life Can Be Better!