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Allergy Season

Apr 23, 2021 10:55AM ● By By: Dr. Harley Martinmaas, DC from Balanced Life Chiropractic

By: Dr. Harley Martinmaas, DC from Balanced Life Chiropractic

There’s nothing like a warm spring day to remind you to take your antihistamines. These tips can help you treat the root of your seasonal allergies. 
 Allergies…just the name alone may make your nose run and eyes itch. But what are allergies, and why do we suffer all spring long with them? Coming out of the long cold winter months spring is a wonderful change for most, but for others, not so much. With the warm weather comes pollen and dust which, if you have allergies, then you know that it is a nightmare. It is said that roughly 50 million Americans deal with allergies and that number keeps growing every single year! 
Pollen, dust, and pet hair are common causes of allergies. These are normal things, so why do our bodies overreact to them? When something foreign comes into our body, our immune system launches an attack to keep us safe from the substance. This is a normal reaction to bacteria and viruses. But why is this same reaction to dust or pollen? Research has linked this hypersensitive reaction to stress and anxiety. This makes sense as stress can weaken our immune system making it easier for us to get sick. So, if our immune system is weakened then it may not recognize pollen or pet hair as normal substances.
What are some ways to deal with allergies besides reaching for the antihistamines and nasal sprays? Instead of finding something to help deal with the symptoms like runny noses or itchy eyes, look at addressing the cause of the allergies. If it is an issue with the immune system, how can we fix that? Well, Chiropractic can help with that as we correct miscommunications in the body as a result from misalignments in the spine. When things are communicating better, they are going to function better which leads to better healing and health! Chiropractic has been known to help people suffering from allergies by helping to boost the immune system. 
If you or someone you know suffers from allergies check out a chiropractor in your area to help with seasonal allergies!