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Learning to Live Joyfully Through Swimming

Apr 15, 2021 01:38PM ● By Emily Pogue
by: Safe Splash

Swimming is an excellent skill to have at any age. Beyond the excitement that comes from splashing around in the water or perfecting a backstroke are the new opportunities and experiences that open up for families to enjoy. Because many of our adventures in South Dakota include being near or on the water, learning how to swim can be a source of joy and many fond memories.

That being said, there is often fear around water for kids and their parents when they do not know how to swim. Children are typically afraid to get in, get their head wet, or get water in their ears. Parents are apprehensive about letting their children around water for fear that something bad will happen. The opportunities that families have to enjoy themselves are smaller as they typically avoid places like lakes, rivers, and pools. That anxiety keeps families from joyful living.

When a child learns how to work through their fears around water by learning how to swim, they build confidence in the water and themselves and grow trust in their instructors and their parents who keep them safe. When a child knows the feeling of being able to overcome their fear and jump into adventure safely feet first, they have a skill that will last a lifetime. More than just swimming, working through a difficulty or fear and having confidence that they can overcome any struggle is important, and parents, too, feel the weight of anxiety being lifted. 

The world that exists beyond that fear and anxiety is one that is full of opportunities for unimaginable adventures. Families are able to engage in activities and experiences that were previously not an option and find themselves living joyfully and freely.

Helping your child to build confidence and skills can lead to endless possibilities for joy-filled adventure. While learning how to swim is what they are doing, gaining confidence enough to conquer fear, trust in others, and lead a life of joyfulness is why this skill is so important. Courage and confidence are gateways to adventure.