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5 Tips for Buying a New Home in the Spring

Mar 20, 2021 03:15PM ● By Dawn Van Nieuwenhuyzen, Plains Commerce Bank Senior Mortgage Banker

Spring has arrived! With all the changes in the air, it’s natural to want to make some changes at home. If you’re ready for a new home, Dawn Van Nieuwenhuyzen, Plains Commerce Bank Senior Mortgage Banker, has tips to get you started on your homebuying journey.  

  • Get prequalified for a mortgage loan. Getting prequalified is a key step in the homebuying journey – in fact, it’s the first step! Getting prequalified before you start your search will give you an accurate idea of the funding you can receive. But just because you could receive that much funding doesn’t mean that’s how much you want to spend. Be honest with yourself about your budget. 

  • Start your search at the low end of your budget. Once you start looking at available houses in your area, it’s easy to get caught up in the options and start wanting more than you originally thought. Be realistic about what you need and what you can afford. If two bedrooms and two bathrooms is enough, don’t start eyeing homes twice that size. 

  • Work with a local lender. Our loans are processed right here in the Dakotas, which means we know the local market so you can get a quicker, smoother approval.  

  • Ask your lender about different types of mortgage loans. There are many different mortgage loans available, so be sure to ask our team about what’s right for you. We’ll go over your homebuying needs and wants so we can help you find the loan that meets your financial goals. 

  • Be open and honest with your lender. We’re here to make you feel comfortable with the homebuying journey, and the best way to do that is for you to be honest with us about what you need and can afford. Always ask questions as they come up – don’t wait until later. We want to address any concerns you have so that the homebuying journey is less stressful for you. 

Buying a new home is exciting! But it can be overwhelming. Don’t stop yourself from buying your dream home because you’re nervous about the process. We’ll be here every step of the way.