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Spring is the Time to Grow

Mar 20, 2021 02:54PM ● By Dr. Harley Martinmaas from Balanced Life Chiropractic

By: Dr. Harley Martinmaas from Balanced Life Chiropractic  

When we think of spring, we think of the season of growth and planting. To some people, that means thoughts of growing their family.  


Whether you are looking at just starting or already have started a family, it is always a good idea to learn more about keeping your baby healthy.  


No matter how your baby is born, either premature or full-term, they should all go through the same stages of growth. Here are some of the big milestones and when they happen.  


0 to 3 months:   

  • Develop more coordination of their head; this develops the curve in their neck. 

  • Start to grasp things and bring their hands to their mouths. 

  • Follow moving objects. 

  • Begin to babble. 

4 to 7 months:  

  • Be able to roll over to both sides and sit-up without support. 

  • Support their weight on their legs. 

  • Respond to voices and their name. 

8 to 12 months:  

  • Start crawling; this develops their low back curve.  

  • Stand & walk along furniture. 

  • Start to self-feed with soft finger food. 

  • Learn words like mama and dada. 


Through all these stages, every baby will develop at their own rate. Some will be slower, and some will be faster. 


If it is your first child, it is easy to have worries about whether your baby is growing enough, or even if it isn’t, you start to compare them to your previous baby(ies). If your baby seems to be “stuck” and not advancing, always consult with your pediatrician. There are therapies that can be done to help.  


If it is the physical changes like crawling or walking that are delayed, find a pediatric chiropractor. We can help your baby. The birthing process is hard on mom, and it also hard on baby; no matter how they were born. So, it can cause misalignments that keep the hip joints from moving properly, causing delays in crawling and walking. 


Just like with adults, we make sure that your baby is moving properly.