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Active Children and Their Glasses

Feb 25, 2021 01:40PM ● By Dr. Angela Gulbranson, Visions Eye Care + Therapy Center

By: Dr. Angela Gulbranson, Visions Eye Care + Therapy Center

If you have an active child who needs to wear glasses, you’re familiar with durability concerns. When parents buy eyeglasses for children and teenagers, they have two main concerns –

1. Will the glasses get lost, and
2. Will the glasses get broken? Kids are meant to be active and to play sports. Wearing glasses doesn’t have to slow them down. There are a variety of different eyewear frames available specifically for kids. Frames by Miraflex® and Nano® are unbreakable with a fall or impact.

These frames can come with an elastic band wrap for little ones as well as an active child who wants to run the soccer field without having to worry about his glasses consistently. In addition to a sturdy frame, lens material is also critical to consider for safety.

Polycarbonate or Trivex lenses provide the best protection for your child as these materials are shatterproof. Sports goggles are another option that will work with your child’s prescription. They can wear these during indoor and outdoor sports.

But what if the glasses are getting in the way when wearing a football, baseball, or hockey helmet? Contact lenses are a great choice and have many options, such as single-use daily lenses, which work great for sporting activities, or contact lenses that adapt to changing light for superior visual performance during outdoor sporting activities. Whether it's a durable pair of glasses, sports goggles, or contact lenses, there are many excellent vision correction options for active kids.